Get To Know Me

Welcome to Live Like KK created by me Kayeesha.

If you want to create a healthy lifestyle, there are so many ways people do this, and to each person this looks different. To get to where I am today, I have had to learn a lot about myself as a person and the world around me. 

My journey actually started with me on holiday in Greece in 2014. After feeling uncomfortable with how I looked, I decided to make better changes, and sustainable ones through eating well, exercising and ensuring I had enough rest. This made me decide to embark on a journey to becoming a Personal Trainer and create getfitwithgomes.

Having worked in a gym for 3 years, I realised how important it was to take care of my own wellness, but not just physically, also mentally.

I had periods of anxiety and stress. I went through therapy and CBT along with being on antidepressants. I have learnt that you simply cannot fix your feelings of stress or anxiety, nor can you make them go away, however you can develop coping strategies to make your life easier during these difficult times.

This is where Live Like KK was born. I decided to train as a Life Coach and have a re-brand from getfitwithgomes and focus my brand on wellness/life coaching. What inspires me to coach others, is that I want to be the help that I was unable find. From using my Life Coaching training combined with my life experiences, I want to guide people in becoming the best versions of themselves and creating the life that they want.

Everyone deserves to live a life that they are fulfilled and satisfied with. 

On my blog, I chat about factors that are to do with the dimensions of wellness in terms of social, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational and financial wellness. My journey also talks about the random adventures that life likes to throw us.

Live Like KK is here to make your wellness the main priority. What personal training does for your body, life coaching does for your mind.


  • MSc Sports Management and The Business of Football (Birkbeck University of London- 2013-2014)
  • BA Hons Football Studies (University of Bedfordshire- 2010-2013)
  • Level 3 PT
  • Life Coaching
  • Corporate Wellness Coaching
  • Interview and CV writing
  • Managing The Mind (Success Habits, Neuroplasticity, How To Stop Procrastinating, Holistc Health, Herbal Health, Mindful Listening, Mindfulness for Children, The Power Of The Mind, The Benefits of Tai Chi & The Science of Happiness).
  • Yoga
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Massage/Sports Massage Practitioner
  • Mindful Mental Health