Sister Circles

Sister Circle

This is a group for women to come together, connect with one another and have the space to listen and also to be heard by others.

A Sister Circle is a combination of coaching, rituals and ceremony.

The Sister Circle consists off:

  • A Blessing
  • A Meditation to calm the mind
  • Celebrating your wins
  • Share the challenges that you have going on
  • Receive the help for those challenges
  • Set your intentions and commit to this
  • A closing Blessing

Grab the hot chocolate or cacao, light your candles and bring the blankets.

Everyone is welcome. Share your joys, wins, bad times and anything else you want to release. We are all here to support you. Bring yourself back to your own space and connect with your true self.

In order to ensure that the space is safe, there a few things we must do:

  • Keep all information confidential
  • Do not judge
  • Let everyone have their turn to talk
  • Listen and understand what people have to say

The maximum number of people in the group are 8. This takes place over the course of 3 weeks. It is advised that you attend all 3 sessions but it is entirely down to you.

The session is 45 mins long and the cost is £15 for 1 or £45 for 3 and will take place over zoom. Payments to be made via PayPal:

The first sister circle will take place on Friday 26th November 2021

Full Moon Circle

Here we will celebrate the release of the full moon.

Full Moon Circles are a time that you can have entirely for yourself. You can take yourself away from the pressure of life, connect with others, tap into what is happening internally and page, reflect and feel grounded.

The Full Moon Circle Will Consist Off:

  • A Guided Meditation
  • A Journaling Session
  • Dancing to Release Energy
  • A Chance to Chat and Share thoughts

This will be done over zoom for 60 minutes with 4-8 people.

The cost of the Full Moon Circle will be £50 for 60 minutes.

The First Date For the Full Moon Circle will be 19th December 2021 *I am away for the full moon on 19th November*

Payments to be made via PayPal: