Teen Life Coaching

As a teenager you are faced with many struggles from friendships, family, budgeting determining where you want to be in life, managing expectations and what skills you need to create a life where you can thrive. All of these things are not taught in schools, so, if you are 13-18, I have devised the perfect package for you. 

Life coaching for teenagers helps to increase confidence, build self-esteem and helps them to handle emotions so that they can get the best out of their teenage years. 

This Package Will:

  • Help you to get through the adolescent struggles that you may have 
  • Help you with balancing your time 
  • Help you to learn your transferable skills
  • Take you through the importance of budgeting for your future 
  • Help you to find purpose and direction 
  • Help you to understand why you need to look after your health & wellbeing
  • Help you to set goals to create the life you want through managing expectations.

Parental consent is required. 

Before you begin the sessions, I will have a chat with your parents / guardians to explain the process of coaching and what can and can’t be expected from the sessions. 

The sessions will take place over 8 weeks for 45 minutes, except for the on-boarding call that is 60 minutes. The on-boarding call is where we explore what is going on in your life, any complaints or concerns that you might have and how you are overall. 

You will get notes from all the sessions and an activity workbook to complete. 

The cost of the sessions are £480 (£60) a session.