Client Wins

My sessions with Kayeesha really helped to give me a clear picture in my head for what I needed to do to achieve what I wanted. Kayeesha also gave me the belief that I could make the necessary improvements to my life. Stephen, R

My sessions with Kayeesha were a great benefit to my wedding planning. I felt calmer and found a balance between planning my wedding and having a balance in family life. I can’t thank her enough. Emma, B

I found my session very insightful. We did the one off session targeted to producing a better work life balance. We worked on SMART goals and created a structured routine so that I can now enjoy the best of both, work and play. Amanda, G

My coaching session with Kayeesha was really effective in helping me to identify my biggest strengths, how to use them and what I really want for my future. We also worked on figuring out how I can reach my potential with small attainable goals that lead to something bigger. It gave me confidence and clearer path. Stephanie, B

I thoroughly enjoyed my first session with Kayeesha. We created some achievable goals and new habits, which I very useful and easy to stick with. I’m now growing with confidence and have a much clearer mind and insight. Sinead, G