Wellness Coaching

Reframe Your Mindset One Off Session

This is a one to one, one off 60 minute session.

You will need to complete a nutritional and lifestyle assessment one week before your session.

This is great for those who want last minute support or simply want to learn the quick tricks to reframing their mindset. This is also great for brides who are a few weeks out from their wedding.

This session will cover: Turning off the negative talk, stress relief, nutrition and strategies to help you refocus.

You will also receive a Nutritional and Mindset based workbook tailored to you after the session.

Nourish and Grow 12 Week Coaching Package

This package, is for those who are looking for long term support. This is also good for brides that are 3-6 months out from the big day, however it can be done at any stage of the planning process.

You will have to complete a nutritional and lifestyle assessment one week before the start of your sessions.

You will get a mini self care hamper delivered straight to your door upon signing up to these sessions.

You will get, A consultation and setting goals call. This is where we will explore your habits and gain a clear picture of where you are at, along with what you want to achieve.

6 weekly coaching sessions of 45 minutes to focus. We will cover; 1) Core Values and Limiting Beliefs 2) Managing your mindset/mindfulness 3) Stress & Anxiety 4) Sleep 5) Balance 6) Exercise & Nutrition

After the 6 weeks you will receive a detailed personalised exercise programme that you complete in your own time.

You will have 4 weekly check in calls with tailored feedback on what you tell me based on how your week has panned out.

The last call will be a final review.

You will also have free access to my Create The Life You Want Membership and disounts on my 1-1 personal training sessions.


  • Reframe Your Mindset One Off Session – £75
  • Nourish And Grow 12 Week Package – £750 – can be spilt over 3 payments of £250 

Overview Of My Sessions

  • We will work out how the coaching will go for you. We will look at what you are already doing to reach your goals. We will also evaluate how to get the best out of your sessions.
  • In this step, we will look at working on your habits and routines in order to support your personal development. We will look at creating structures in order to be successful.
  • This stage is crucial. Here we will look at mindset and your belief systems. We will explore what is stopping you from reaching your full potential.
  • Here we will decipher exactly what you want to achieve. We will look at ways to create the life you want and break down the goals so they manageable. I will call you out if you aren’t accountable.
  • The final stage is formulating an action plan. This is where we delve into detail about the steps that you need to take in order to reach your goal within the timeframe set out by you.

Other Things To Note

Available From Anywhere

The Coaching sessions are done through zoom or telephone which means you can take part in the sessions anywhere you like.

The Important Stuff

It is important to note that Life Coaching is different to counselling. Life coaching helps you to focus on your goals and the life coach is considered as a partner and guide. Through taking a non-judgemental approach and full confidentiality, the coaching process enables you to work on the becoming the best version of yourself and creating the life you want.

Flexible Payments

I want to support you as much as I can, so I offer both flexible and affordable payment plans that help you to cover the cost of your coaching and ensure you get the best out of the sessions. 

Invest In Yourself

Start working towards manifesting your dreams and being successful in all areas of your life.