Corporate Wellness Coaching

It is important to feel happy and valued at work. You also need to understand the goals of the business and do your part to help them achieve that.

In order to get there, there has to be good wellness in the workplace.

I help businesses of all sizes or individuals within a corporation achieve this through:

Coaching through conflicts within teams. This helps to increase team morale and improve quality of work along with reducing the number of sick days employees take.

I also help with wellness employee engagement policies.

I help employees with stress management, career management, managing anxiety at work, creating work life balance and I help with achieveing lifestyle goals such as nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Together We Will:

  • Clarify goals and desires
  • Determine the obstacles that are in the way of successful wellness.
  • You will get 12 weekly coaching sessions of 60 minutes, team bonding activities, and group meditations to calm the mind.

Fast Track To Wellness In The Workplace

This is a 90 minute coaching session for those who want to achieve wellness in the workplace but are not ready to commit to the 12 week package. This can be individuals in a corporation or teams.

The Fast Track To Wellness In The Workplace Session looks to build wellness within the team, but we will also explore strategies to maintain wellness during stressful times.

Alongside the above, we will look at assisting you with achieving your personal wellness goals from exercise to nutrition and sleep. We will also teach you how to gain a good work-life balance.


  • Fast Track To Wellness In The Workplace – 90 minute Session – £210
  • Corporate Wellness Coaching 12 Week Package – £1250