Corporate Wellness Coaching

Wellness in the workplace is a big must. If employees feel satisfied and as though their wellness is taken into account, they are more likely to stay in the job.

I help businesses of all sizes or individuals within a corporation achieve this through:

Coaching through conflicts within teams. I also help with boosting productivity, improving quality of work and reducing the number of sick days employees take.

I help employees with career management, managing stress and anxiety at work, creating work life balance, mindful mental health. Alongside this, I help with achieving lifestyle goals such as nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Key Performance Indicators are a big must when it comes to my coaching. I assess the following:

  1. Employee Satisfaction (happiness in the job position)
  2. Employee Retention (Timespan forecast of an employee remaining at a corporation)
  3. Employee Motivation (Employees inspiration to their work commitments)
  4. Management Satisfaction (Happiness-management style in the company)
  5. Peer Satisfaction (Happiness-coworkers relationships)
  6. Work Environment (Happiness in the work environment)

Together we will:

  • Clarify goals and desires
  • Determine the obstacles that are in the way of successful wellness.
  • You will get 12 weekly coaching sessions of 60 minutes, team bonding activities, and group meditations to calm the mind.